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                      Providing for parents, teachers, and students:

  1. Bullet Brain-Based Educational Techniques 

  2. Bullet  Tips for Parents To Help Their Children With Math

  3. Bullet  Tips for Math Teachers

  4. Bullet  Study Tips For Students


As a retired high school mathematics teacher, I have decided to use my retirement to make every effort I can to improve education -- specifically mathematics education.

                    My focus is in several very different areas:

  1. Bullet    Stressing to parents their extreme importance in the education of their children, and giving parents the tools to do just that. These tools include a series of Ezine articles about helping parents understand Algebra, “A Parent’s Guide To Algebra’s Basic Concepts,” and a series of Ezine articles for parents of pre-schoolers, “Helping Your Pre-Schooler With Math.”

  2. Bullet    Helping mathematics teachers improve their teaching skills by using the best brain-based teaching techniques.

  3. Bullet    Informing the general public about problematic issues related to education. Education is the key to our ability to compete in a global economy.

Everyone needs to care! Everyone needs to get involved!

Shirley Slick,  MA